Sonore microRendu

I’m using a Bluesound Node 2 as a streamer with a Wireworld Supernova 7 optical cable going into my Ayre Codex, all under Roon. I would like to put the Node 2 and Supernova 7 into a secondary system and use a microRendu with the Codex using a very nice Stealth Audio USB cable. However, I have been told that the standard iFi power supply for the microRendu is not the best choice for sound quality. Is that so and, if it is, what would be a better choice without getting too very high-end? Thank you.

Sonore and Small Green Computer list a few linear power supplies that work well. Depends what “high end” means to you personally. I use the HD Plex, which also powers my Mytek DAC. It seems to be out of stock right now. Improved the sound of both components.

Have you tried the new linear power supply from Sonore / SGC? What DC cable do you use? Thx.

The LPS-1 or 1.2 are natural partners to the microRendu. If you want to pay less there are cheaper linear supplies on auction sites from China. All of that said, the standard iFi supply isn’t bad. It is actually quite good and we are talking about potentially spending several hundred pounds/Euros/dollars for what will be a relatively modest change in presentation.

I have not tried any of their newer, smaller power supplies. Being able to use one power supply for the Mytek Brooklyn, the MicroRendu, and the sonictransporter is cost effective compared to 3x smaller supplies. I am using the DC cables as supplied with the HD Plex.