Sonore opticalRendu for Roon in silver enclosure

The Sonore opticalRendu for Roon is a special edition run in a silver enclosure. This special edition is being offered at a 200 USD discount off of the original opticalRendu price. This Rendu includes only the RoonReady output protocol and is meant to be plug and play with Roon server.

The opticalRendu for Roon utilizes an SFP fiber optic transceiver at its input to provide 100% galvanic isolation from the network and USB-audio output. The opticalRendu has linear power regulation, CPU circuit design with femto clocking, USB circuit design with femto clocking, and a network circuit design with femto clocking. This unit utilizes SonicOrbiter for its operating system so you already know how to use it.

The opticalRendu is systemOptique certified systemOptique-logo

standard rear view

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I recently purchased OpticalRendu for Roon only combo because I am running Roon core on my MacMini. Here is my setup: Router to Ethernet Switch, MacMini to Ethernet Switch, Ethernet Switch to 10G Tec Fiber Media Converter, Media Converter to OpticalRendu, OpticalRendu to W4Sound DAC. was able to find OpticalRendu and my DAC. The diagnostics of my DAC and Roon ready devices looks good. On MacMini audio devices settings screen there are two output options. Mac plays through the Buil-In Output (internal speakers) and doesn’t plays LogMeIn remote sound. The sound doesn’t reach my DAC. Is this a problem with Sonore or with Roon setings? Thanks

In Roon Settings under Audio you have to Enable the Rendu. Then you need to select it as the output.

It works now!
Thank you for your help

Old thread, but can you tell me if the Silver enclosures are still available somewhere? I have the OR lite, but it’s black and the silver would match my other gear. Thanks in Advance

Email me at