Sonore - SQ of UPnP Bridge compared to USB connection - Naim systems

I have two main Naim Systems as well as two Muso’s and I am looking at using Sonore products to deliver Roon . One System has a DAC V-1 and so I will use the USB connection for a Microrendu or an Ultrarendu and I will use Sonore UPnP Bridge to drive the nDAC/NDX on the other system .

I have two questions I need help on please :

I get that the SQ will improve with the USB Connection as you move from Sonicorbiter SE through the range to a Signature Rendu SE. However whats the story with UPnP Bridge. My understanding is that this software allows the NDX (or any other UPnP endpoint) to play UPnP in its “native” mode. Therefore wont the sound quality be the same irrespective of what Sonore device you use , or am I missing something ?

In my specific situation I’m assuming UPnP Bridge with the nDAC/NDX will deliver at least as good SQ as connecting a Sonore device directly to the system , particularly given there is no USB on the nDAC and so it would have to be an Optical or S/PDIF connection and I would be limited to 192kHz/24bit. Again , have I got this right

Look forward to the feedback