Sonore systemOptique

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systemOptique is a fiber optic Ethernet interconnection scheme that utilizes a new series of Sonore products with optical transceiver capabilities. Please note that this system was also designed to work seamlessly with the original Rendu series.

Why systemOptique?

  1. Shortly after we launched, the microRendu some customers started using off the shelf fiber optic to Ethernet converters for galvanic isolation. The problem with these products is that they isolate the Rendu from the network, but they don’t isolate the Rendu from their low-quality power supplies and their price point circuits.
  2. Later some customers started connecting their Rendu directly to their music servers via Ethernet. This has some obvious issues because you are connecting the noisiest device on your network to the cleanest device on your network.
  3. Recently, some customers have been tinkering with modifying off the shelf network gear and distributing critical clocks over awire. Adding sensitive oscillators to dirty circuits, distributing low jitter clocks signals over a wiring mess, and interconnecting ground plans across multiple devices is less than an optimal solution.

While the solutions above seemed reasonable on face value we understood that noise can potentially find its way into ANY traditional ethernet cable (regardless of CAT series, copper purity, cable quality, shielding, etc…). systemOptique solves the noise problem by creating an optical solution with infinite galvanic isolation between your music server and your opticalRendu.

So how do I get the WOW factor?
What was needed was a properly engineered system and to that end, we designed some new products for your consideration:

  1. Sonore opiticalRendu - The opticalRendu utilizes an SFP fiber optic transceiver at it’s input to provide 100% galvanic isolation from the network and USB-audio output. The opticalRendu has linear power regulation, CPU circuit design with femto clocking, USB circuit design with femto clocking, and a network circuit design with femto clocking. This unit utilizes SonicOrbiter for it’s operating system so you already know how to use it.
  2. Sonore opticalModule - The opticalModule has an SFP fiber optic transceiver along with an RJ45 connector which can be used to add fiber optic networking to your existing wired network. The circuit design features femto clocking, linear power regulation, external power input.
  3. Sonore Signature Rendu SE - The Sonore Signature Rendu SE will get a new Optical Ethernet Input to USB Audio Output. We will also offer an upgrade path to optical Ethernet input to existing Signature Rendu SE owner.
  4. Sonore (product to be announced) - sorry still working on the details.

Sonore opticalRendu

All - I want to give some feedback after putting into service the Sonore/SGC starter kit. I currently have the SGC i7 with all upgrades running HQ Player into standard Ethernet input. Needless to say, the sound is very sweet indeed. I recently installed the starter kit SFP optical and switch. I typically don’t get too excited about these things, however, I am here to testify to the total excitement I am feeling over what I am hearing! The overall sound is totally been transformed into a truly live performance. The realism and clarity and placement of the instruments on the stage is truly incredible. .I am truly at a loss for the right words to describe the results of the implementation. I have to be honest, I was on the fence about moving forward with this upgrade, after all, my sound was very good. However, this implementation of the fiber optic kit has truly made me a believer. I will be sending my Signature Rendu SE in to be outfitted with the OpticalModule. If you are wondering if you should move on this upgrade wonder no more do it now it’s that good!!

Sonore thank you for your hard work and dedication to the sound! And coming out with this hardware upgrade. Great price as well! :grinning: