Sonore Ultrarendu upsampling

I use a M1 macmini as roon core connected to a T+A MP 3100 HV (V 1.13) via USB. Since the MP DAC processes PCM 384 kSps max, I am actually limited to DSD 128 upsampling via DoP (mcOs!). I wonder whether interposition of a sonore ultrarendu (as ROON endpoint) between macmini and MP would allow for upsampling to DSD 256? The MP DAC is able to process DSD512 max. Do you have informations about that?

According to T+A spec:

DSD256 and DSD512 only with a Windows PC with appropriate driver installed

Maybe and worth try. Most times it will work or we can make it work. However, we would have to connect the DAC to a Rendu to pull information we need to evaluate it.

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Hello Jesus,
Just tried it with a Holo Red. Didn‘t work - most probably because of an incompatibility between Amanero USB driver and Linux OS. Jos Schelleivs from Magna Hifi who accompanied the process proposed a Amanero firmware update of the MP. He built up a setting at Magna Hifi where DSD512 upsampling is feasable in the constellation RED Linux OS - Amanero chipset. The firmware update is not so easy for an IT amateur like me, but certainly no problem for a specialist. Tbh I didn’t dare. Most probably I will abandon my intention to do DSD256 or even DSD512 upsampling by interposition of a PCM768 or even PCM1536 capable bridge between MAC and DAC. I will more likely focuse on a new DAC being at least capable to process PCM768. Greetings!

No clue about the other equipment you tested but the Rendu has support for Amanero based devices.

Hello Jesus,
this sounds very interesting. Could you specify what „support“ means.

Hello Martin,
the DOP upsampling capacity finally depends on the PCM upsampling capacity of the DAC. For example: a DAC with PCM processing capacity of 384 kSps can process DOP128. For processing of DOP256 a PCM processing capacity of at least 512 would be necessary. The idea was to interpose a bridge between MAC and DAC that has a high PCM capacity and delivers native DSD to the DAC. Theoretically this seems practicabel (and cheap!). In my personal setting it seems difficult yet. Greetings.

Yes, you will need native dsd which will demand software support. It sounds like sonore is willing to add such support from their comments above (if not already supported).

Can also add that the Ultrarendu is a fantastic device, could not recommend it higher.

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I started a thread at AS to keep track of issues and solutions for T+A devices. It’s a must read.

I wanted to circle back on this and provide some additional information. Some T+A components utilize the Amanero USB interface, but use a T+A USB vendor ID. As such, the Linux OS will not stream to these components using the Amanero native DSD code. Based on information gained in the AS thread your device can not updated with the Amanero Linux native DSD firmware so you will be limited to DSD128 via DoP. The alternative to stream native DSD256 to your component is to update the USB interface in your device to the Thesycon USB board.

Thank you very much, Jesus, for this very interesting information. In the meantime I solved my problem by interposing a low powered celeron mini Windows PC (Signalyst NAA software and T+A USB ASIO firmware driver software installed) between the MacMini and the DAC. This allows me to stream a stable DSD256 signal to the T+A DAC. Changing the Amanero USB board to a Thysecon board is certainly a good choice but also related with rather high costs. Thank you very much for your support.
Greetings from Frankfurt