Sonore's UPnP - SqueezeLite randomly quits and my Linn DS stops

New ROON user currently using a SonicOrbiter and Sonore’s UPnP app to get temporary ROON use with my Linn DS while I wait for ROON and LINN to integrate native support (they appear to finally have come to an agreement and are working on implementation).

ROON, with the SonicOrbiter and Sonore’s UPnP app, connects with the Linn by seeing it as a Squeezebox device. When things work, which is most of the time, in the Settings/Audio section of ROON I always see Squeezebox - SqueezeLite available as a zone and things simply work.

Sometimes things stop working and ROON fails to show the Squeezebox/SqueezeLite option in Settings/Audio. After a few restarts and monkeying around Squeezebox/SqueezeLite will suddenly appear again and things will go back to working.

Is this a ROON core problem? Is is a problem with the SonicOrbiter and requires a reboot? Is it a problem with Sonore’s UPnP application which runs on the SonicOrbiter?


Is Squeezelite actually running in this mix or is the upnp app mimicking Squeezelite?

I believe Sonore’s UPnP app mimics a Squeezebox to generate a UPnp feed for our DS’s to use - that is my rudimentary understanding???

Then the problem is likely one for their support rather than Roon’s support. There have been no reports of Squeezelite dropouts when using Squeezelite proper.

OK Thanks
I will repost this on the Audio Products/Sonore section of the ROON forums

I have this same problem all the time with a Small Green Computer SonicTransporter, also running the Sonore software, but with a Bel Canto rather than Linn DAC. It is maddening that this can occur at any time and for no particular reason, and is often a devil to fix. JCR

So is this an issue with the Sonore software? With the Small Green hardware?

The software reports being connected to the renderer even though the endpoint disappears from Roon. I assume that is the same thing that @greggl reports. Seems like a software issue but I don’t know how to test the one from the other. JCR