Sonos and iPad symbol/graphics replaced by generic speaker symbol

Has this happend to anybody else? This has never been an issue before. It happend after last update.

Do you mean the graphics that represent endpoints that are found in “Zones”?
Mine are still showing the correct icons:

I too have a generic icon for my Sonos device

Yes, the graphics. I have a simpler iPad then you but that should not matter.

So then we are two. Could it something with the last Sonos update that caused this?

I have looked more into this and it seems that the only endpoints that is affected are the wireless ones. Sonos and iPad. Music plays fine.

Could someone give me some pointers to what is wrong?

My Sonos symbols have gone too.

I don’t know if this is a change with the last update, but I was poking around in my settings tonight and noticed that a stereo pair of Play:1 have a generic speaker icon in the zone selector. And there’s no option to identify the device its settings. image
@support A minor issue, but I wonder why? Thanks!