Sonos compatibility with Roon

Hello: I have an Antipodes K 50 in the living room.
I use Roon Server with Hq Player. I would like to connect a wireless mobile device to hear exactly the same thing at the same time, for example in the kitchen or on the terrace.
So Sonos type, B&W, or something like that.
Any advice?
Thank you

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You can only group devices for sync playback that use the same streaming protocol. So all RAAT (Roon Ready or Roon bridge), all airplay, all Chromecast. So you need to use one common to what ever kit you use.

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For example, I use Sonos for two of the smaller rooms in the house and I can group them using AirPlay or Sonos streaming without any issues. I can not add other endpoints with different streaming protocols to that group, but the Sonos devices play fine in grouped mode.

I “invented” a little trick to group Sonos speakers with players using Raat:
I connected a Sonos Amp (line in) to a RbPi with a dac hat, running Raat via Ropieee. In the Sonos app I could group other Sonos boxes with this Amp, using the input from Roon via the RbPi.
This way I was able to group Raat and Sonos. I had to correct the delay function on the Amp (Sonos side) to keep everything in sinc.

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WiiM Pro (Pro Plus if Roon Ready) can also assist here as you can group the WiiM Pro via RAAT, but cast the WiiM Pro to Sonos devices via AirPlay.

WiiM are working on casting for Sonos. Unknown when this will arrive.


isnt HQ player its own thing? So how can you group that with RAAT?

Even I could grup, woldn’ there be some kind of delay in the signal?

I mentioned that with my work around; is always a consideration when using different protocols.