Sonos + Control4 driver

Just Tried Roon and fell in Love - However we only have sonos and need it work with Control4 - Living in the UK this would be a big seller - Even if you charged $250 for a Control4 Driver - I would be buying today - Shame just had to cancelled my trail

Sonos C4 is a problem and this would bring it to life

Hi @Gary_Chapman,

I split your post into it’s own thread. At the present time, the Control4 driver is only compatible with Nucleus, and you can use the same zones in the Roon driver as are available in the main app.

If you have a Nucleus and were experiencing issues with the Control4 driver in combination with Sonos do let us know and we can take a closer look. Thanks!

Roon made the decision to exclusively bundle C4 drivers with the Nucleus. There may be a competing driver available through the C4 dealership. Won’t hurt to ask.

If you can find a way to jettison the C4 system, that would open up several alternatives. I abandoned my investment in C4 and have never regretted that decision.

Anyway, best wishes on your travels.

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