Sonos Five compatibility


I’m about to buy my first Sonos product the (Sonos Five) but first I need to know if Roon is compatible with it?

Will Roon find it when the Sonos five is up and running or do I have to do some workaround?


Should be detected via AirPlay.

Only air play?
That’s not good, I thought Roon would detect it through Wifi so I could get higher rate sound :thinking:

Have a read here

I also own a pair of 5s and they are great speakers with big sound, playing well with Roon.


Fully supported via Sonos protocols (with some minor issues) as well as Airplay up to 16/44.1 (CD Quality)

Roon can only play music to the same protocols, so you cannot mix pure Roon RAAT devices with Sonos and Airplay. Just bear that in mind if you want to mix some Raspberry Pis in the mix

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Thank you guys :pray:

No probs, enjoy the music :+1:t2:

Could you make this more precise? I have RPi’s running Roopie. I want to add a Sonos 5 in the mix but I will never need to play the same content on both. All I want is that they are both seen by Roon and that I can play content A on one while content B plays on the other. That should work, right?


Gustavo Yes exactly that.
They are both seen by Roon and the Play 5 can be used through Sonos Protocol or Airplay. Therefor you can play different music to the different devices.
There have been a number of Sonos users with their devices dropping off the network, and if you have the latest devices, you have the option of using Airplay as well, which definitely gives you options.

So all together this should be good for your use case.

Gotcha. Thanks!