SONOS Ones not showing up as Roon Tested or Ready

Hi there

I have a pair of Sonos 1’s in my bedroom and these show up in Audio Devices as Roon Tested.

I also have a pair of Sonos Ones in my lounge however in Roon these speakers down show up?
They only show up as Other Network Devices, can you please help?

Are all at the same software and firmware version? I believe you can use the Sonos S2 application to upgrade all to be current.

Otherwise, just odd. I’ll read and learn.

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I think so, I will check.
So you are saying the Sonos Ones should show as Roon tested?

Mine appear to.

Thanks My Play 1’s show up fine

Its the newer Play Ones that are not showing

Now I’ll watch and learn too.

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