Sonos Play 5 (Gen 2)

Does anyone know why my stereo - paired Sonos Play 5’s (Gen 2) are showing up as Other Network Devices while my other Sonos devices are showing up as Roon Tested?

All my Sonos devices (paired Play:5 Gen 2 + Sub; Beam + 2x OneSL + Sub; Move and the IKEA stuff) show up under other:

Living Roon…:slight_smile: I’m using a Sonos Amp in the living room and paired Sonos One SL’s in the bedroom.

All my Sonos devices are listed under “Roon tested” except my latest addition - a Sonos One SL which has been added last friday. This unit shows up under “Other”

Yes it is odd. Since I raised the issue everything seems to be working OK.

Interesting reading this topic now. For my Sonos products I see three different choices. I find the setting for my Sonos Play 5 with Sub the best. I don’t use my Sonos Playbar with Roon