Sonos playback error message: Unable to play 'Roon0.flac'

I’m a new user to Roon, and so far it’s been cool. But when I switch back to using Sonos I can’t play ANY of my songs - whether they are from Tidal, Apple Music, or just imported itunes playlists. Nothing plays. Any idea what happened?

I often have the same issue. I end up going into each “room” and playing a local file, then clearing the queue, then regrouping everything and then Sonos will work again. Going back and forth between Roon control and Sonos remains a big stumbling block. More often then not, I leave it in Sonos app and just don’t use Roon much anymore with my Sonos system. Roon works fine with my HiFi rig, but really doesn’t play well with Sonos. It used to, but with each update, it seems to add additional Sonos compatibility issues.

Thanks! I’ll definitely give this a try. If it does the trick I’ll probably just do what you do. I have no patience for compatibility issues.

To be fair to Roon, after poking around on various forums, it seems my real issue with Sonos/Roon may actually be a router issue caused by my new Orbi mesh system. There are almost countless messages on various Orbi and Sonos forums trying to address the Orbi/Sonos issues. No solution for me thus far, but will try some suggestions. My feeling is that if I can get Sonos fully operational (meaning no drop outs as songs begin or drop outs when changing sources), then it might solve the Roon issues? Don’t know yet. Anyway, just didn’t want to blame it all on Roon at this point.