Sonos 'S2' ... on the roadmap?

Just curious of Roon will make the move to Sonos S2 and support for high-res content.


You’ve been here long enough :joy: to know the chances of a reply :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Don’t understand why Roon wouldn’t issue some sort of statement around this. They must know that a significant % of their customers use Sonos as a multi-room streaming service. Even a “We’re working on it but don’t have a release date yet” or “No plans to support” would help us understand what our options are when Sonos launches S2 next week

I don’t think they reply to feature request. Otherwise, they would need to add resources to argue the merits or lack of merits of every request.

What is the point in a feature request section of the forum then?

They evaluate each request, implement some, reject some.

It’s only a place for paying customers to express their opinion - to vent, so to speak.

Fair enough. I thought it was set up by the roon team as a sort of 2 way communication

So. Sonos have released the S2 app and there is some sort of coverage:

What do we reckon? Will our stuff still work with Roon if we go for it?

Maybe an @support tag will kindle some interest - might as well try it :smiley:

I updated today and there is no issue working with Roon. Nothing is really changed with the S2 and HiRes streaming. Sonos still does not support it and here is their policy on local files played over Sonos:


I’m only getting 16bit currently before updating to S2 - so maybe that’s some sort of concession…

Hopefully, this update is paving the way for higher res in the future. Maybe I’m overly-optimistic!

Given that, why do audiophiles buy the stuff?

I suspect Sonos’ customer base is much more consumer oriented than it is “audiophiles”. It’s easy to use, sounds pretty decent, and the truth is that you really don’t need anything more than CD quality for playback. (Keep in mind that most of the user base is listening to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music, which don’t even stream lossless,) It made multi-zone dead simple and “just works”, which is what consumers want. Even for “audiophiles”, it might make sense for a non-primary room like bathroom or garage, etc.

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A little research brought me to Bluesound for such use and the specs are so much better. Also Roon is properly supported. So if you have Sonos already, I get it. But if you are buying now and using Roon, buy products that are Roon Ready.
Just my take on it.

my neighbor loves her new Sonos speaker. Before this she was using her phone and a really cheap/small bluetooth speaker. So for her, the SONOS is a major step up. It’s all relative. When I try to explain my server/endpoint setup to most of my friends, their eyes roll into the back of their heads. This is even true for my music loving friends (many who just play CDs and vinyl).

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I agree, any step up is to be applauded, but if you are informed enough to use Roon, why make it difficult?
Beyond just using up kit you already own. That makes sense.

I’d wager 99,99% if Sonos’ customer base has never even heard of Roon, much less uses it…


it’s not about the equipment. they barely get past the concept that the music is no longer on the CD itself. That is, “how does one turn the music into the internet?” Keep in mind that the friends I refer to struggle to use their computers except in the most basic way. They are the audience for whom support calls ask them to reboot their computer, and they are not sure how. These people exist. And some are physicians, lawyers, etc. So they are not uneducated. Just have ZERO interest in anything computer related. They like pulling a CD off the shelf, inserting into a CD player, and selecting “play”.

p.s. My friend with new SONOS, only uses free Pandora. I offered to rip her handful of CDs and she wasn’t interested (said, why? I’d just as soon listen to Pandora)

I’ve had Sonos almost since it started and moved to it precisely because it just worked. Moving of early upnp and ■■■■■■ usb 1 drivers etc.
Also it had its own mesh wireless when my internet was probably still via ISDN.
Now the zp90s are in the garage and kitchen and still “just work” via roon and can be streamed to from my kids Spotify accounts when they visit. Simples.