Sonos usability improvements (bi-directional sync, group/ungroup, etc)


As a Sonos user, I wish that (a) I could replace my use of the Sonos S2 app, and (b) my wife and kids could continue to use the Sonos S2 amp even as I use Roon to control the (same) Sonos endpoints. This would require some changes in how I think that Roon sets up streams - at least the pause/play and group/ungroup functions don’t quite work how I’d like them to)
Here are the bugs as I see them:

  1. if you add a new sonos zone to an already playing Sonos zone within Roon, it pauses playback momentarily before resuming in both zones? The native Sonos app doesn’t pause, making me think that Roon is recreating a new stream or something like that.
  2. If you use Roon to ungroup Sonos zones/endpoints that are grouped together within Roon, it doesn’t actually stop playing in the ungrouped zone, though it looks in the interface like it does? So instead of playing one stream to one zone, you get the same stream to both zones. Or sometimes you get “Roon lost control of the zone” and it stops in both zones. So in my experience, you have to go into Sonos to stop playback in the “rogue” zone, or else start something new from within Roon and then pause that. Feels like there’s a native group/ungroup which is available via API, and since Roon will only allow you to use Sonos with Sonos you could leverage that.
  3. If you use the Sonos app to group or ungroup zones (to avoid #1 or 2 above), the changes you make are not reflected in the Roon interface. Similarly if you pause, Roon thinks its still playing.
  4. [much more minor bug] if you are playing in a zone using the Sonos app (or Tidal connect or Spotify connect), Roon is not aware that that endpoint is “busy” - unless Roon starts or stops the content, it’s not aware of the activity on the endpoint. Would be nice if it could see that Sonos was playing a non-Roon stream.

I think this is a cluster of related topics, but some might easier than others.

Totally agree on the grouping and I grouping of devices as I do this a lot and it can be very irritating.

I understand the slight pause as probably related to DSP or buffering.