Sonos volume control from Roon Remote

Hi. I’m a new Roon user. I’ve set it up on an HP mini desktop, and I was surprised/thrilled to find out I can stream to my existing Sonos devices (I was intending to connect the core directly to my DAC via USB, but now I can use my existing Sonos Connect (until I manage to upgrade to a Bluesound Node).

Everything is awesome, but I’ve found that I can’t control the Roon volume on my iPhone/iPad using the volume buttons. Am I missing something?

Assuming you have set Device Volume under Device Setup (click Speaker, Cogs) then you should be able to adjust volume using Roon Remote by using the volume slide, again clicking on the Speaker icon.

The iPhone/ iPad hardware buttons cannot be used to control volume.

Thanks - I was hoping the buttons could be mapped, but: good to know.