Sonos zones -beginnings of songs missed for several seconds (one zone only)

Running the Roon Core on a Synology DS720+ with extra memory. Roon Core running on SSD.

Have several Sonos zones and a couple of non-Sonos zones; no DSP.

When running the two commonly grouped Sonos zones (kitchen and living room, and nothing else), often the living room will miss the first few seconds of a song, then picks up (in synch with kitchen which does not miss). Living Room is Sonos Port connected to preamp; kitchen is a pair of Sonos Play 1’s. All new (2020 and later). Living room is ethernet, kitchen is wifi.

Thoughts? Thanks!

Christopher, this may be related to a network issue. A couple of questions:

  1. Are you using SonosNet to enable the Sonos speakers, or connecting them directly to your network via your own WiFi or Ethernet network?

  2. Are these Sonos Gen 1 or Gen 2 devices? Or a mix of the two?

Roon and SonosNet tend to have networking issues recently, but these are mitigated when the Sonos speakers are connected directly to you WiFi network.

Thanks Robert - will check whether the One speakers are on the Sonos net; the Port is hard-wired. Everything is second generation.

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