Sonos ZP80 question

Just a quick one, does this work with roon?


Mine do, so yes.

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Mine did, a while ago…

Gareth I would recommend connecting over Ethernet if using a ZP80 as the WiFi on the older devices is not so good.
Other than that it worked well

Hum thanks for the heads up, no ethernet in the thought of location so perhaps rethink.

Also it would appear not to do airplay.

Its for my son, I just want to put a solution in that gives him options, sometimes he just wants to fire something from his phone. I would say Ropieee, I have 5 of them in place alreay but the airplay feature is just not very good.

Yes no Airplay but works through Sonos App with all services and Roon.
WiFi does work, but it is only Wireless B so it’s very old by today’s standards.