Sony Z3 Compact and landscape view

Hi and thanks for the quantum leap of added features in 1.2. All Bluesound and Squeezeboxed will now be listed for sale!

One thing with the android app that I would like have back is the landscape view on my tablet. I only have portrait view as of the upgrade to 1.2 on both my Sony phone and tablet. I did look for a setting but where not able to locate one so I guess it is coded into the app.

Please revert this for the tablet version so both view are possible.

Thanks, Joachim

Interesting, my tablet has landscape view, Samsung Tab S2 9.7.

It’s still landscape on my Samsung Tab S 8.4, and fixed that way. Would vote though to allow it be selectable. It turns 180 of what I’d I’d prefer.

Thanks for the input. Could the smaller screen on the Sony compact tablet make it appear as a phone to the app?

I have used the portrait mode today and getting used to it and it works fine. But in some screens landscape is brings a better user experience so it would be nice to get the option of choosing view or autorotate in a coming update.

I have noticed that some features are missing from the android phone version. I am missing the focus button and favourites from all menus.

Checked against iPad’s and they have focus and favourites on version 1.2 Can someone confirm these features remain in the android tablet views?

I read somewhere in a kb article that it was screens smaller than 8 inch that was to be id’ed as phone version.

Roon team, any chance that the android app can be tweeked so the 8 inch screen of the Sony compact tablet can be id’ed as a tablet and fall on the right side of the fence in a updated build?

Thanks, Joachim

The Android tablet version has not changed.

My Acer Iconia tablet is portrait view only but would very much like to have landscape view like my iPad.

My Nexus 7 2013 is alternating between landscape version and “phone” version from time to time. Would prefer to be able to choose. :slight_smile:

It seems that sometimes when the tablet is in landscape Roon starts that way. But not always.


Yesterday the app started in tablet mode with landscape view and the additional functionality to my surprise.

Worked fine for a couple of hours until the app came to a freeze. All else on the tablet was fine. Forced a shutdown and restarted, now it is back to phone mode. Weird!

Wish it would start more often i tablet mode :slight_smile:

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Guess a fix for this issue this not go into build 142. No change on my Z3 compact tablet at least. Wife’s iPad will do as workaround for a bit longer :slight_smile: