Sort albums randomly

Was just going over my Library albums and the 2 primary ways I do that are Sort by date added or Sort by most played. I’ve almost memorized what the first few pages of albums are in both of those filters. I thought, ‘wish there was a ‘random’ filter’ Can you make a Sort filter that sorts randomly? That would be fun, and allow me to inevitably rediscover some of my buried music.



Discovery does this to a degree of course but I like the idea - maybe a ‘shuffle’ button that remixes each time you press it?


I notice this myself, Artist and date added is how I usually filter but a random album view would be great so I see new things each time without scrolling through. When I hand a guest the iPad to pick an album its almost always on the first or second page.

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Sure, anything that will randomize how albums get displayed

i was about to request the very same thing - this feature needs to be implemented… especially collections with large amount of albums - and indeed would help ‘rediscover’ buried albums in genres

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Agreed! I hope it’s on their radar. Didn’t realize I made this request 2 years ago!