Sort by Date Added for playlist or Tidal

Looks like there is a “Date Added” for playlists, it’s blank for many items on my lists (mostly for the Tidal items) so I surmise this means date added to the library, I’m looking for sorting by date added to a playlist though, is that possible?

I’m also looking to sort by date added favourites tracks in Tidal, almost always looking for descending order so that the most recently favourited items will be shown at the top. If the Tidal API exposes this information it would be really nice to have this functionality available! This is the default sort order within the Tidal app.

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Hello @Peter_van_Rensburg,

If the tracks were imported from TIDAL, they are not actually residing inside your library but reside on TIDAL and currently there is no way to sort by “Date Added” for TIDAL tracks (although if you make a feature request here). In regards to sorting your favorite tracks from TIDAL, this should be possible by doing the following:

• Going to Library -> Tracks in the Main Menu
• Pressing Focus button located next to Shuffle
• Pressing Format in the bottom right corner
• Restricting the format to “TIDAL”
• (Optional) Saving this Focus search as a Bookmark by using the Bookmark button located next to the search button (to be able to access TIDAL only tracks easier in the future)

I hope this helps but if you have any more questions, please let me know.


Hi @noris - thanks for the reply, for my other question, do you have any idea if it’s possible to sort a playlist by “date track was added to playlist”?

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Not right now, unfortunately.

is this still not possible ?
i think this is a Main feature if you arange Playlists in any libary