Sort Defaults Please [Composer Browser]

I spent this afternoon changing the default sort order – “sort by popularity” – into something more useful.

If ever there were a situation where there are “different strokes for different folks” , sort criteria would be it. Why try to impose a popularity sort for every type of task?

There are several better ways to handle this. Choose one. This is one of those WTFs that drive some people nuts. There’s no good reason to antagonize anybody about this setup.

Are you talking about the Album browser - Sorted by Most Played ?

If so, you can change to any other menu selection and the Browser will remember that selection. Is there some other selection you would like ?

Or do you mean Live Radio - Local and Popular Stations ?

Just to add that your sort orders are not only sticky within the Browser, but are also sticky per Control device. So you could have “Sort by Title” set in the Album Browser on your Roon Remote on your PC and at the same time have “Sort by Popularity” set in the Album Browser on your iPad…

First artist choice:

Was, Most Popular, changed to Catalog Number. Then on to next composer:

Unsticky sort order changed to Popular

Over to Debussy. Was by Title, changed to Catalog Number

Then over to von Weber:

Ah, so we’re talking about the Composer Browser here (and possibly with “Classical only” set).

I’ve just been through a sampling of the composers in my library, and every single one had “Sort by Title” set. Then I changed one to “Sort by most popular”, and from then on, all composers I visited showed “Sort by most popular”.

So some sort orders do seem to be sticky across the Composer Browser.

However, the “Sort by Catalog: Opus” or “Sort by Catalog XYZ” choices are not. And they seem to get reset back to the current sticky choice on coming back to the composer. This does seem somewhat counter-intuitive.

I’ve updated the title of this topic to reflect…