Sort on Album Title doesn't use good sort method for numbers

Description of Issue

The default sort mechanism for album titles doesn’t take into account basic rules on numbers. So if I have albums with numbers at the end of the title then end up sorted incorrectly. (i.e. Fabric 10, Fabric 100, Fabric 11).

This is something WIndows actually gets right and there is a default function on windows platforms to do this. StrCmpLogicalW() I know you are multiplatform but that might be a good basis for implementing the same functionality.

You can see what I mean with the following:

It’s a string search, it’s behaving as expected. To do what you need requires extraction of the numeric parts (regex) and two sorts. This would be a feature request. (#roon:feature-suggestions)

Thanks for the reply. I do appreciate it’s behaving as implemented, and I know what’s required to get it to behave as I’d expect. I am aware it’s more work to implement the way I suggest. I can’t see any advantage to the current behaviour compared with the proposed behavour but I may be missing something.

I suggested a minor improvement in the past and failed to get any traction. This to me is a major usability issue which other software doesn’t have and I’d really like to get it improved as in general I really like using Roon.

Do you have any suggestions for a good path forward? Should I submit another entry as a feature request? I’m afraid looking around these boards I’m not sure I see a good way to communicate and get backing for feature requests. Any help would be appreciated.

This was first requested back in March 2016… Now that Voting on Feature Suggestions has been turned on, you could vote for it to help it get some traction…


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