Sort order from Tracks on Mobile

There is no sort order available on tracks page on mobile. Any reason this is missing surely it could be added in some form.

Same goes for compositions

These are the two “spreadsheet” views and thus a “big UI inconsistency” even in the full UI versions of Roon. They don’t have predefined sort options dropdowns and are clumsy to navigate (hint: vertical scrollbar outside of the viewport. I don’t know if they ever translated in a better way to the restricted UI for phones then they do right now. Maybe you just used Focus in the past to get a shorter, more focused on what you where searching for, list?

You cant sort by date or anything focus doesn’t allow you to sort by this stuff. There is space in the UI in the sane place like all the other pages on mobile. It makes no sense

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As I wrote, these are “spreadsheets”. The only fixed content for the tracks view is the album artist column, sorting can be done on any column present in the view by clicking the little arrows in the header of the columns. Predefined sort options (dropdown selection) don’t exist - most-likely because of the user-defined content of the views. For your example: You want to sort by date, but a date (column) isn’t actually part of the view. As it looks right now it’s just an alphabetical list of track or composition titles on phones.

These two views are spreadsheets since as long as I use that software (v1.5 or v1.6?). I can’t see anything new here but have to admit that I also try to avoid the restricted phone UI as much as possible because they just can’t give the full Roon experience. So maybe something changed recently for phones or your recollection of how these views worked on phones in the past are amiss?

If this should be a feature suggestion, which it looks like to me, then you should post it there as such (or just change the forum section of the thread title).

PS: I’m just another Roon user, so you don’t have to believe anything I wrote. :wink:

Exactly. I wasnt sure if this was something missing due to a bug. But obviously not, it’s just the daft way they do tracks. I’ll move it to feature requests.

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You have my vote CrystalGipsy :slight_smile:

Possibility to sort “my tracks” (especially by date added), would be a game changer for me.

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