Sort Tidal Favourite Tracks by Date Added

Hi - currently the Tidal Favourite Tracks list is sorted alphabetically in Roon, where as Tidal sorts by date added. Adding the ability to either change the sort order in the Tidal Favourite Tracks section, or show tracks liked/favourited in Tidal within the Roon My Library Tracks section would be great.


Hi Tom, try this … in Roon’s Track Browser page …

  • Click on “Cog Wheel” icon on the right hand side and enable the “Date Added” column to be displayed.
  • Click on “Date Added” column header to sort by date order.
  • Use Focus to filter by Storage Locations = Tidal
  • Click on “Heart” icon so that only favourite tracks are displayed.

Then save this as a Bookmark for reuse at a later time.


Not sure that’s what he after. He’s referring to the Tidal section of the app where you can see just you Tidal favourites Tracks , Albums or artists from your Tidal account. There is no sort option here. Roon doesn’t allow you to focus on Tidal favourite tracks as it merges tracks from albums as well. Services don’t do this, Tracks Albums and artists are all separate and have separate sections for your to look through Using Focus doesn’t allow you to just see just the Tidal favourited tracks as it will show you all tracks from albums to which are not necessarily Tidal favourited tracks.

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There should be an option to present the information as you choose yourself, not as the Roon designer choses it. I agree with Tom above that “date added” is the “the facto default” way of presenting such lists. It should be offered in an immediate release.