Sorting albums - In local library but not available on Tidal

I’d like to have my local music that is not available on Tidal located on a separate hard drive or in a separate folder.
Has anyone figured out an efficient method to determine this?
(As opposed to going though all my albums one by one and seeing is a Tidal version is available)
Focus doesn’t seem to be able to help.

It doesn’t have to be a Roon based solution.

Soundiiz should be able to provide a diff file with some filtering in a spreadsheet, but you’ll have to move releases manually or create a script.

Can you explain the problem this is trying to solve? There may be other solutions within Roon.

Ah, it didn’t occur to me to try Soundiz.
I’m not sure how to go about that but I’ll see what I can figure out as I have premium.

I’m trying to do this as I’m running out of storage space.
I have another (smaller) drive so I figured I’d try and move some of the local files that are available on Tidal over to it as I don’t currently need access to them if I can use Tidal.

I also thought it would be nice to have my non-Tidal music on a portable USB drive for when I’m travelling and can’t use ARC.
My full library is too large for currently available portable drives. :sweat_smile:

I’ve not used it for some time, but I did a similar exercise a couple of years ago comparing Qobuz and TIDAL to see how many were missing. I used a filter in the spreadsheet, and that gave me the list.

From this is should be fairly straightforward to create a script to move the folders.

That makes sense. You can create a bookmark based on location, and use this in Roon to quickly view those releases.

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