Sorting by Format in the artists lookup

I have a number of SACD albums. I would like to filter them in the artist lookup. I have been able to do it in the album lookup but its not as easy to peruse that way.

I am not sure if I really get what you are looking for, but maybe this can get you on your way.

Making use of Tags (and Bookmarks), you can show a selection of all artists that have an SACD (DSD) album in your Library.

So first select album view. Select Focus - Format DSD (or DSF) . I assume you have ripped your DSF files from your SACD albums!

Select All albums

Select Add To Tag

Select Create New Tag, e.g. SACD

Click Create and do not forget to click SAVE at the bottom.

All your DSD albums will now have the tag SACD.

If you reset your Album view to see all your albums, and then select the tag SACD, you will get the same result as with Focus-DSD

The nice thing is that TAGS are used throughout your whole Library.

Now go to Artist view and click on the Tag button. You will find the SACD tag in the list. Click on it to activate it.

Now you will see all Artists in your Library that have one or more DSD album(s).

That is it. Hope this helps?



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I have not tried it yet but thats awesome. You got it. Thanks! I will try it tonight.

Yes, Tags are wonderful. :smiley:

Please do not forget to bookmark this Artist view.
If you add the SACD tag to each DSD album you add to your Library, the bookùarked ‘Artist’ view is automatically updated. Nothing to do there.

Clicking your bookmark Artist SACD

will give you an updated list all the time


If only Roon would support the Logical AND function. They would not only be wonderful, but extremely powerful.


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I am a new user on the 14-day trial and as a long time JRiver user, I find their custom views and smartlists to be very powerful.

I’m trying to replicate them using tags but I find the Focus control very limited in what you can actually focus on. Over the years, I have been meticulous (to the point of OCD) with my metadata tags but Focus will only allow me to use a very limited number so, for instance, I cannot use Focus to read from some custom ID tags I’ve added to my files. This is very frustrating and could be a deal breaker for me.