Sorting classical albums different than non classical

Is there a way to do the following :

  • Sort all non classical albums on lastname of albumartist (done that, works fine)
  • And at the same time, "if album = classical then sort that album on lastname of composer. (And thus NOT on albumartist and/or conductor)

For example : I’ve like to sort all my non classical albums on the lastname of the albumartist and want my classical albums to be found by T from Tchaikovsky and not by B of Leonard Bernstein.

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As far as I can tell . NO, there sort order sticks , ie carries over between selections but there is no logic to define a subset and apply a different rule

Nice Feature Request I would say :sunglasses:

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This comes up every now and then. So on what composer do you sort for an Album containing works from 2 or 3 composers? How do you want it sorted on a boxset containing 18 composers?

Its just not doable. But for all those single-composer albums a very simple workaround: just name the Album starting with the composer, then you can sort by album and get close to what you want. Thats how I do it.

„Bruckner: Symphony No. 8“

I name albums as per your Bruckner eg , I correct, when I spot them, the JS Bach to straight Bach , etc

Multi composers discs there’s not much you can do

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