Sorting Composers From only my Library (without Tidal listings)?

I attempted to sort by classical composer, I got a full list of composers, not only in my library, but in BOTH my library and Tidal. That’s very nice, but what about the user who wants to sort all the albums he or she owns by “Classical Composer” without the the 3K plus composers that are also included within Tidal???

I would like to be able to sort by genre by composer and search only the albums that own without the whole darn list from Tidal. Can’t this be done? If so, how is it done? I don’t see any way to do this from the drop down menus without Roon. Am I missing something or am I forced to wade through all the stuff in the Tidal catalog. If that is true, that would be disheartening, and make it very difficult to drill down and find things within my library. Likewise, I would like to do the same thing by genre, by folk, or rock ,or Jazz etc. etc., etc.

You should read the knowledge base article about browsers as a first start.

You can sort the Composer view by number or works , that put the biggies first, Bach, Mozart Beethoven, but NOT alphabetically

Better than nothing

I had. Feature request some while back for filtering Compose then Genre then show Albums BUT alas

For all the comments about metadata, from. Classical viewpoint, navigation is a far more acute problem to me. If anything made me revert to my JRiver system it would be that

Thank you for responding. Much appreciated. In the example shown in the Browser Help, one can sort by artist by not by Composer Alphabetically. Having a large library makes sorting by album title impractical because no one will remember the specific album title and any small misremembered part of the exact title makes finding it rediculously difficult. As far as I can see, the only way to sort composers is having both Classical and non-classical mixed together. Am I wrong?

Roon looks more like it designed for shuffling (Do you feel lucky? Go ahead, make my day!") than it does for those who may not know exactly what the album is called but nonetheless when to go find and play something that it’s in their library. Is there a reason why the database can’t be exploited to a greater degree? The bigger one’s library becomes, the more of a problem the limitations of sorting become. I suppose that’s true of any player, but I never expected to this to be an annoyance, and it is starting to look like Roon is not designed for people who know what they want to hear at any given time. I like much about Roon. Don’t get me wrong, but so far sorting by composer, and even by genre is very frustrating because it just a smattering of what’s there that’s encapsulated before your eyes. If you want a deeper look at what’s there, the Overview by “genre” is very incomplete… “Composition” helps a person drill down somewhat but aren’t the answer either. Unless I am missing something, which is altogether possible.

Thank you for replying Mike. I am trying to reserve judgement on the sorting capabilities, because I have spent most of time putting my collections into Roon. But I have used focus and tried to see what is possible, and so far it’s still not looking like the help that screens not he browsers that BlackJack was kind enough to point me to will not provide any solution, because it looks like focus is limited in terms of combining the right combination of sort functions.

Does this derive from what kind of power would be needed from the controlling device and smartphone and tablets are not up to the task with a larger library? Is the is limiting factor here? Not being a software designer, I wouldn’t really know. But I’d guess that Roon software designers would have wanted to give more control in the sorting of libraries if they were able to do so, and have to conclude they were limited by what they could do by the platform they were designing for. Or, again, are they just designing for a different kind of customer? Perhaps it suites most people. Perhaps we are the oddballs in this community.

I’m not sure what you were doing, but all the Browsers (Artists, Albums, Tracks, Composers, Compositions and Genres) will only browse the contents of your Library, and not both your Library and the complete TIDAL catalogue.

Clearly, if you’ve added some TIDAL tracks or albums to your Library, then they will be seen by the browsers, because they are now included in your Library.

All the compute intensive stuff is done on the Core, that’s one of the reasons for the relativly high minimum requirements for the Core and why you are able to use even an old phone to browse and search your library.

If you try to be more specific about what you want to do I’m sure that some of the many experienced users here will try to help you. At least for me it remains rather unclear which browser you’re actually using and what results (albums, tracks, composers, compositions?) you’re after.

Posting screenshots may also help others to understand your questions or problems you’re facing.


Sounds like you’re struggling, may I point you the way I went

Composer view is fairly coarse, you see only works , in my case I have complete work sets for Bach, Beethoven, Brahms & Mozart so it’s even worse

In Composer view select Sort by number of works, you’ll see a little switch that allows Classical Only , that helps

I use 4 methods

Pick an Artist say Brendel then pick an album, pick a Composer isn’t granular enough

Read the Knowledge Base on Bookmarks and Tags

Essentially bookmarks are dynamic, in Album view set Focus to Composer Beethoven, save it this will show all Beethoven albums even those entered after the bookmark is made

Tags are fixed , say the Beethoven Edition which will never change

You can set bookmarks to quite a detail

In Composition view you can filter by Composer then by Compositions say Piano Sonata it’s quite intelligent

Have a play with these and come back with questions

Like any software Roon has a learning curve let’s see if we can shorten it a bit

Thanks. I will play with it for awhile and see what happens.