Sorting multiple 'albums' within one larger album

Evening all - I’m having a bit of trouble with this new William Parker release (Here) in the fact that it is a new album release, but it is techincally 10 albums in 1. Roon has got nice metadata, a review of the album etc, but i’m not particularly happy with the internal sorting it’s gone with. All tracks are just listed as 1 long album, which i guess is technically correct, but the only way to know where one of the albums ends and where the other begins, is to leave on disc numbers in my view settings, which isn’t the best option for me.

As each of the albums has it’s own name, is there a way to have each of the ‘albums’ have their name and appear like multiple parts of a larger track like how A Love Supeme does:

Would love to know if anyone has come across a similar issue and has a suggestion

no one? surely I can’t be the only person to have this issue

Since I assume that you have downloaded the album to your local file storage, then you could use a third-party metadata editor to renumber the tracks into disc number/track number format. That would then list the overall album as having 10 discs…

It’s a manual and somewhat tedious process, but it can be done.

Appreciate the reply but that doesn’t really do what I’m after. It’s a pretty unique thing I guess that someone would release an album like this, but I think i may have to do some manual work as you say.