Sorting out library

I am having problems organizing/sorting out my music library, even with latest 1.1 (build 88). Perhaps somebody went through the same obstacles and has some suggestions.

I give you an example which applies not to Classical music only…
I scan library and I obtain “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” with 5 albums and “Mozart W. A.” with 23 albums.
If I re-tag the second one with “Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart” is listed under “W”. Even if Artist name is a single word, the two groups remain separate.

If I do a search with the word “Mozart”, what I get is very confusing and not satisfying.
Mostly - for me this is VERY important - I listen to entire albums. If in my search I click on Albums view all, “Mozart: Requiem” is before “Mozart: Clavier Concert” and “Mozart: Sonatas”. Apparently there is no alphabetical order.
Furthermore, including albums where there is just a track with the word “Mozart”, I get 99 albums.

Another issue - I discovered that I have some album duplicates. It’s odd as do not have Tidal nor I made changes to the library. If I select/edit the Album duplicate, it gives me the option to delete it from HD. Is it safe to delete it? Is not going to delete the “good” entry on HD, is it?!

As a user, it is rather complicated to make head and tail through all this.

There’s a bunch of work coming in 2016 related to both editing generally, and classical music specifically. I discussed our current editing functionality in a bit more detail here, but let me know if you have any additional questions. For the moment, I would recommend identifying albums whenever possible.

More information about our duplicate handling here (including instructions for turning it off) – let me know if you have more questions @bibo01. Thanks!

Thanks Mike.

Re. duplicates, following your link I managed to solve my issue.

Re. double names, I will have to wait that you offer better editing capabilities.
Could you please tell me if there is an order followed for Albums All after a search like in my Mozart example above? They seem to be all jumbled up. This is especially disconcerting for works with multiple CDs. Is it possible to order them?

I agree we could be doing a lot better here. I’m going to look into this.

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