Sorting Qobuz favorite artists and albums in Roon

Roon unfortunately does not adopt the sorting of artists from the Qobuz app. In Roon’s “My Qobuz”, favorite artists are basically displayed by date of addition, even though they are sorted alphabetically in the Qobuz app.

Same problem with favorite albums, they are always sorted by date of addition.

Still I don’t see any way to change this manually in Roon, but at least Roon could take over the sorting from Qobuz.

Please do take into account Roon is only showing 500 albums in My Qobuz.

My Qobuz albums are sorted by name, albeit by first name (not sure what 2nd level sort criteria is) Client = iPad…that said I think there’s much scope for improvements…

That’s because you are looking in My Library > Albums where you have all the Roon tools and the OP is looking in the basic Qobuz browsing section (which I don’t know why anyone would use :slight_smile: )

I see what you mean & agree, even so the Qobuz artist sort is lacking but i find “focus & sort” usually does everything I need…

Absolutely, and it’s what I use. The “My Qobuz” tab is IMHO essentially useless and does just a tiny part of what the Library view of Roon does, so complaining about its sorting specifically seems rather pointless to me. (The tabs for Qobuz > New Releases, Playlists, and Taste of Qobuz are somewhat useful)

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The idea is to use your main library view for this and use Roons focus and sorting not the Qobuz portal which is just a basic fixed look via the API. All your favourites are part of Roons library.

Ok, I see your points of view, but in the end it also depends a bit on the workflow you use.

In Roon it is not possible to store an artist without also selecting at least 1 album. Qobuz can do that and I use the option to collect artists and listen to them more closely when I get a chance.

For this reason, it would be convenient to find the Qobuz artists sorted alphabetically in “My Qobuz” in Roon.

By the way, “Audirvana” can do all these things without any problems, takes over the lists from Qobuz and also returns changes back to Qobuz.

I still can’t decide between Roon and Audirvana, both tools have their advantages and disadvantages, but none is perfect in my eyes.

But you can also just take things more calmly and above all just enjoy the music ;-).

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You can’t do this but what I normally do is add albums I may want to check out later and tag them with “Discovery”. You could also tag the artist after doing this if you prefer the artist screen. Another option is to then bookmark the artists screen with the discovery tag in focus.

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That is indeed a possibility, I forgot about the powerful tool “Tags”. Thanks!

Audirvana just uses the API for everything and doesn’t allow any advanced stuff that Roon allows like editing Qobuz albums metadata, being able to focus on them using more advanced filtering and add your own tags combine them with different versions you own etc. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. If you want an exact copy of what Qobuz offers then Roon likely isn’t for you.