SotM SMS-100 not found

I‘m using SqueezeLite on the SMS-100. It does‘nt show up in roons audio devices, while other SB devices can be seen. I‘ve read that roon just supports SB devices - but how can I make it run ?
Hope you have a solution for that
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Roon doesn’t support software Squeezebox emulators afaik.
But why would you want to run Squeezelite when it’s Roon Ready? Do you run a parallell LMS for Spotify or something?

Sorry, i read sMS-200… But thats not what you wrote…

The other way round would be to patch the sMS-100 with some „roon player“, but SOtM denied any support…ideas how to manage this are welcome

Run it in AirPlay mode for the time being? Save up and get a sMS-200 (if you like their hopeless gui and methods of software delivery) or a more elaborate streamer such as a Lumin or Auralic?
AirPlay is, to me, as good sounding as optical toslink, if you dont mind me generalizing some…