SOtM SMS 100 + Raspberry Pie 3 Roon Bridge + DAC


I have actually a NAS Synology for my library music connected with ethernet to the SOtM SMS 100 connected in USB to the DAC.

I want to use ROON but I don’ t really know how it’s possible.

  • Can I use as a Raspberry Pie 3 as Roonbridge but if it’s possible how can I connect everything ? Do I need Roon Server in my NAS ?

Thanks a lot for your response.

Ethernet (or WiFi) —> RPi —> DAC.

Roonbridge on the RPi. If your NAS has enough juice then run Roon on there, else run Roon on a PC, Mac, or Linux machine.

BTW - the Allo USBridge is a better choice than RPi.

Thanks :+1:

My NAS is a Synology 1512+, with HDD Red WD, do you think it has enough juice ?

So, I don’t need anymore my SoTM SMS-100…I hope not losing sound quality without the SOtM.

Thanks a lot for your answer !

I can’t speak to the NAS juice, but others can.

As far as sound quality and loss thereof, I have both an SMS-200 and several RPis and I can find no sonic difference. The SMS-100/200 and an RPi are both SBCs (Small Board Computer) .

Still, I recommend an Allo USBridge which is a better SBC than an RPi.

Thanks a lot !