SOtM sMS-200 Neo

Thinking about purchasing a SOtM sMS-200 Neo to replace my SONOS Connect on my main rig and I was wondering what peoples thoughts are both on the product and on the company.
While I do plan on using Roon for a good long time, in the situation that I leave, can I stream Tidal to the sMS-200 Neo fairly seamlessly or do I need to have all sorts of different apps in order to make that work?

Hi there. I haven’t visited in a long time, and am just seeing your post. I own the SOtM “trifecta,” which includes the SMS-200ultra Neo. It’s an amazing value, in my opinion.

Support from SOtM has been excellent, but you do have to manage expectations on timeliness due to the time difference between South Korea and wherever you are located.

I have Tidal enabled in roon and it works seamlessly. All I had to do was log in when I first became a Tidal user, and have never touched a setting since.

One other consideration you didn’t ask about but is noteworthy: like all streamers lacking a built-in power supply, the quality of the power supply affects the sound quality significantly. I don’t pretend to understand why, but I have used five different power supplies with my SMS-200ultra over the three years I’ve owned it, and the sound clearly changes with each PS change. How significant? Significant enough that my wife, who hates audio so much she actively tries not to hear differences, has commented on the difference three of the four times I’ve changed power supplies (the first power supply was with the unit, so her comment went to the difference between the prior streamer and the 200ultra.)

Good luck!

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keen to know what power supplies you have tried and how you rate them. I just got Sotm 500 but have not had it in the system yet.

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I have had the SMS-200ultra neo, tx-USBultra and SPS-500 for about 6 months now and have been nothing but happy with it. I did not buy all three units at once but did so in pretty quick succession, so I did notice improvements with each module added. I originally had them powered off of a small LPS (from a well regarded company) but the SMS-500 sounds better in my opinion. It is just absolutely silent. I recently had a couple of questions so I sent them an e-mail and they responded very quickly. They then tested their unit in a similar set up to mine for a few days just so they could answer my questions best as possible. My experience with them has been nothing but good so far.


Hi sorry if this a dumb question but I’m running the sms 200 neo with sms 500 power supply and I’m unclear on whether I should leave power supply and renderer powered on when not in use. Same question re my DAC. Well my DAC actually has a standby mode… I tend to power everything down when not in use.

Just leave everything on.
Unless you’re away for like a week or so…
The only thing I power down is my tube headphone amp. I leave everything else turned on and ready to go.

I too got the sotm 200 ultra neo first followed by the tx ultra usb and the sms 500. Using the sms 500 power supply for each of the units. Also extremely happy with the sound. I turn off the ultra neo and power down to standby the power supply to both of these units. So far no issues. I keep the sotm switch and linksys router switched on all the time though and both of these are also powered by sotm 500s individually.

From an equipment standpoint, it ‘s always better to leave devices powered up. Turning off/on is more ‘taxing’ to various electrical components.

Can’t remember the last DAC was off, for any reason.

I have a tubed pre-amp that I do turn off, out of superstition, but I know others who don’t even do that and without any seeming decrease in tube life.

OTOH, probably not a very eco-conscious way to act.

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I have the sMS-200 Neo powered by the sBooster. I leave it on so it’s ready to play when I turn on my Pre-Amp. However, the sMS-200 Neo needs a reboot sometimes because it’s disappeared on the network. I also have the newest Sonore MicroRendu v1.5 and have never needed a reboot. It always shows up on my network.

i’m powering my sms200 with the sbooster 12v. i went with the 12v version because you could use the sbooster ultra as an additional upgrade. did anyone tried it? is it worth the upgrade? (sbooster ultra. you don’t have this option with the 9v sbooster.

I ordered the Ultra for my SMS200 Ultra Neo. I will report on any improvements.

So the Ultra got here yesterday and I can hear an improvement in my system.
Not night and day, but worth the investment. The Ultra stays.
I would say it improves a bit on focus and separation of instruments.


thank you! i will consider it!