SoTM switch and SONORE Optical Module

Does anyone have experience with combining these 2 products ? I would like to use the OM between my router and the SoTM switch and connect to the switch with SFPs and fiber optic cable.

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Hi @Ori_Onn

No not directly - This is my FMC setup


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I’m considering something similar, any advice would be appreciated.

@Torben_Rick, thanks for your detailed configuration. Did you get benefits with the fibre link?

I have a Cisco 2960 with an SFP slot so could implement something along the same lines.



This is my final setup:

Now with 3 meter OS2 Single Mode Grade B Fiber Patch Cable – Connector LC UPC to LC UPC Duplex - Bend Insensitive - and 50 cm Ethernet Patch Cord – Telegärtner CAT6 U/UTP (LSZH).

I have been a long learning curve - but now I have the fiber setup that I want.

If you want to start with a relativ cheap setup you just need a Active Optical Cable (AOC) and an FMC. Than you are up an running.

AOC looks like this:


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Thank you, that is really useful! Looking at FMCs (+LPS on the clean side) and an AOC now…
Great tip on the ferrites as well.

I will also have a go at some point at documenting my system in a similar way, the cabling/PSU permutations are still in experimental mode and growing for me.

Best regards and thank you again!

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