Sound quality of wireless chromecast from Qobuz vs ethernet through Roon


  • Router in garage goes to Netgear Orbi router
  • From there wireless to Orbi satellite in living room.
  • From this Orbi satellite wired to Nucleus+ and Naim uniti Atom ethernet connections
  • usual transfer speeds are about 100 Mbps, often more

Hi all,

I have two questions, completely unrelated:

  1. I have repeatedly noticed that when I use a wireless Chromecast connection from my device (iPad, smartphones laptop) using Qobuz to the Naim Uniti Atom (bypassing Roon) it sounds a bit better than when using Roon and Qobuz (gear setup see above) with the Nucleus+ and the Naim ethernet input. Anyone else also having this experience? It’s not that Roon sounds bad (of course not), just that the wireless Chromecast sounds a nose better (more clarity and refinement, whatever that means). In practice the Chromecast connection is for me a hassle, with connection waiting times and initial stuttering when playing large hires files, so in practice very much no competition for Roon. Still, I wonder why I hear what I hear.

Should you wonder, I use Audioquest ethernet cables between the Orbi satellite and the Naim and Nucleus. Also, the Naim Atom and the Nucleus+ are not directly connected to each other.

  1. Unfortunately, I hardly hear on one side. Is it possible in Roon to shift the balance to one side, in order to create a composite mono signal?




Are you talking about the inbuilt Chromecast in the atom?
Can’t say I’ve noticed it being any better, quite apart from as you say it’s downsides.
Mono look here

Can’t see why they would be different (unless volume levelling is engaged - I guess it’s conceivable that both Roon and Qobuz app are performing levelling but with different target values) but obvious question - are they level matched?

If they are not volume matched which I know they are not then I have used the ChromeCast output and Qobuz in past it will account for some difference.

Thanks for your replies! It’s certainly not a question about volume levelling. They are of course not matched, but the difference is elsewhere, clearly audible to my ears. Just wondering, not interested in going down a rabbit hole here :slight_smile:


No rabbits here…

( … unless you want try the Naim wireless and see if that makes an audible difference :wink:)

Hi @Rodrigo_Salagado,

Can you please share a screenshot of your Signal Path?

You could use the DSP engine and enable Speaker Setup and apply a different gain/distance per speaker or use a Procedural EQ operation.

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