SoundHound integration

You listen to the radio and think: he, i like this song!
But, you don’t know what it is called and will forget about it later.

In comes SoundHound which is excellent in recognizing the song.

Would love for a very easy and smooth way to transfer that find to Roon.

Taking it one step further, with the addition of internet radio to Roon, would be great if there could be a build in track recognition and feature to add it to your collection (assuming you have Tidal) or simply to like it if its already in.
I noticed radio streams i played showed the tracks, so perhapd not that hard to implement?

I’d also like this functionality, just imagine the powerful use of a soundhound/shazam like functionality when combined with Tidal search/add to library and the metadata and reviews available within Roon?

I was just listening to Fleetwood Mac - Tusk on vinyl and thought “what if Roon could find this piece of music and give me some background info on the album”

Or when hearing a nice song at an event or such, pick up your smartphone and let Roon discover what you are hearing and add it to your “interest-list”, even when away from your library?

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