South African Wine

Alcohol (and cigarettes) were banned on the initial lockdown in late March. Alcohol was restored a month or so later with it came an influx of trauma cases , violence cases etc that took up much needed emergency room resources and ICU resources required forthe COVID19 peak. It was deemed a direct link between this increased load and the alcohol restoration and the govt promptly re banned it. Much of the increase was apparently drink drive related accidents and “alcohol fueled” violence ie fights, domestic violence etc.

Its typical of many countries I guess where the irresponsible few spoil it for everyone.

Cigarettes remain banned as the medical guys reckon even a short “no smoke” period reduces the risk of respiratory diseases .

The bottom line is the Black Market in booze and ciggies is thriving and the govt is losing Billions in lost Excise Duty!

That seems crazy. People who are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol are addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. You can’t just cut them off and expect something good to happen.

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You can’t buy pineapples for love nor money, What on earth it tastes like ?

That’s why the black market is flourishing, especially for cigarettes. The price has gone up 4 x

The polls reckon only <10% of smokers have given up

Add to that the loss of Excise duty it really doesn’t make sense , I am sure the stats are correct, they will have to relent sometime

Still it’s good for the diet !!!

fwiw, i had a mild case of the 'rona this spring. i credit a nightly cocktail with keeping my symptoms at bay. most of the recipes were drawn from this list, and the associated evening threads on Twitter:

Sorry if I’m beating a dead horse ( I responded, maybe to you, on another thread…apologies if I’m repeating myself) BC wines don’t leave BC because the people living in BC have few choices. I’ve sold wine in China, Japan, Germany, Norway, and in Alberta. Despite BC being the physically closest and even though I have representation BC, I’ve never sold one drop there. I can barely sell to tourists who come here (Walla Walla) because the tariff to bring a bottle into BC is insane (100%). Its a bummer to go to a nice restaurant in Vancouver and open up a wine list (and yes, I’d say the same if a place in Seattle only sold WA wines. Can you tell this is a sore spot with me? hahaha

I’m sorry but that’s nonsense. We can get excellent wine from all over the world (including huge amounts from the US) in liquor stores and restaurants (whatever they are). Not saying that BC/Canada doesn’t have some arcane and protectionist liquor laws and have hefty tariffs/taxes on alcohol, but there is certainly not a lack of choice.

You will be glad to know the ban will be lifted at mdt tomorrow


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Amazing what I learn on the Roon forum. Now I’ve got to try that pineapple beer.

As a retired brewer I would have my doubts !! Even some of the craft beers are a bit iffy

The concept of infection control is not just for COVID !!

There is also going to be a mountain of illegal cigarettes that were commanding massive price hikes as well.

Having travelled twice to SA, I recall Stellenbosch being the big wine growing region in Cape Town/SA.

I would liken it somewhat similar in climate to The Barossa region in Aus, with perhaps different historical beginnings. Where Barossa was largely built upon Shiraz, wineries in Stellenbosch largely began as Cab Sav.

Of course, both regions have grown & long branched out from their roots.

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w/o looking at a map, i think the wine growing regions of Australia, NZ, South Africa, Argentina, and Chile are all more or less the same latitude.

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No Google here either…so if we consider Gondwanaland it seems that both South Aamerica & South Africa have movied further South, whilst Australia has moved North.

Of course, some flora species remain exclusive to all three continents, as a reminder that once there was no great water divide.

However, despite the reasonably close climatic conditions, the soil is not so closely related. And of course each region has a different heritage in terms of its winemakers/viticulturists. In the Barossa the region was essentially started by German growers fleeing from persecution of the era.

The region has had its ups & downs commercially/internationally & I’ll include the nearby Tanunda region. However, other than exquisite high priced Shiraz ($1000+ bottles), the region has long developed & diversified to become one of the premier wine regions in the world.

Cheers. :musical_note:

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