Space for Roon on Windows 10

Have a 2Tb SSD and would like to use as much as possible for storing albums.

Any recommendations for the size needed for Windows/Roon Server and Core if planning to have a huge library?

It is strongly recommended to use a seperate hard disk (SSD or other) for your music files.
How big the disk size must be depends on how many albums you have to store (streaming albums are not to be taken into account), and in what format they are. Flac files can be smaller than AIFF/WAV, but even then, a highres file in 24bit /96Khz still occupy considerable disk space.
E.g. I have about 2200 local albums (ripped albums and digital downloads) occupying close to 3Tb.
(I have about 400 albums in DSD , and 300 in 88kHz/96KHz or higher).

So it all comes down to what you call a large number of albums you want to store).

The 2Tb SSD is great and more than sufficient to hold your Roon Server/Core software and the Roon Database. In principal this should be sufficient to support a Library ( which is stored in the Roon Database ) with more than 100.000 albums.

Hope this helps


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You don’t need an SSD for music files just for the library

I have Win 10, 250 SSD for system plus Roon library then. 4 Tb Hdd spinning drive for music files

An SSD will be silent but will perform no better than a normal HDD

Would the performance be good enough if I leave my music files on my qnap?

Any thoughts?

For ‘music’ performance, absolutely.
For Roon performance, it is a mixed picture.
Some users have very good experiences, others report issues of their Nas not waking up, problems with synchronizing (new album loaded on the Nas not appearing in My Library), etc.
There are some topics in the Support area of this forum.

I would recommend to give it a trial. You can still buy a extra (internal or external) disk if you would encounter some issues.

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