Space Saver: Roon matches local to Tidal tracks

Recommend that Roon match Local tracks to Tidal Tracks via Roon Identified. This way users of Tidal can have all the tracks they have in Roon for Tidal’s Mobile experience; users can delete/move to a back up drive (Roon Identified/matched) local files to save local (Computer/NAS) space; by matching files users do not need to worry about backups and correcting metadata (someone else does that :wink: .)

(Yes, I know there can be mismatch issues, but put that upfront. Or make Match tutorial- with questions for the user, "Did we match these right?)


That would make everything in a persons collection a Tidal Favorite. I think it would be a good option if Tidal supported a custom tag or something else than just Favorites.

I would want this to be optional until Tidal has more advanced collections other than just Favorites.

How so? How would it make all my music a Tidal favorite?

It seems “Favorites” in Tidal is used when adding albums to roon. All my previous favorites were in my library by default and anything I move to my library in roon automatically shows in favorites on Tidal.

As far as I can tell there is no other way to organize anything on Tidal itself other than Favorites. Unless I’m clearly missing something.

Ah okay- I see. You’re right, favorites or what I know to be “Starring” and album was the only way to manage your collection on Tidal.

Without knowing the philosophy of Tidal, I imaging that Tidal wants the user to think 30 M songs are their library and the “favorite a few.”

Still, barring a huge hurdle of matching the right releases of my music to what is on Tidal, this could be a space saver for those who use Roon AND Tidal.