SPDIF into a Naim UnitiQute2 - Add a RPI Endpoint or Upgrade the USB from my NAS?

I’ve been running Roon on a Synology NAS 916+ for a few months now and love it. My UnitiQute2 is far from ‘Roon Ready’ so I resurrected an old USB SPDIF/coax converter (M2tech HiFace 2) from a previous setup and run it from the NAS USB port to the UnitiQute2 via a QED coax cable.

The system runs floorlessly with no dropouts etc, but I have a niggling suspicion I could improve the sound from that ‘noisy’ USB port on the NAS. In an ideal world Naim would release a firmware update that makes the UnitiQute a Roon endpoint, but their last update on this streamer was 2015 so I’m not holding my breath.

Should I try to improve the USB signal with conditioners like the Jitterbug or iPurifier, or am I better moving the Roon endpoint onto another device?

The new Allo Digione RPI player sounds like good value and about the same price as a USB conditioner. It’s not the kind of gear you get to try in your local Hi-Fi store so keen to hear experiences and learnings out there.

I’m using RPi-hiFiberry Digi + through coax into Superuniti, very pleased with the sound and has the added advantage of giving me AirPlay as well.

I use dietpi on the RPi.



It is extremely unlikely that the UQ2 will ever be made Roon Ready; Naim have a new line in all-in-one players out now and their development focus is sure to be in this area.

I use the Sonore UPNP Bridge from my sonicTransporter i5 to get tunes to my UQ2 over my network and it works fine.

The nice thing about a Raspberry Pi-based Roon endpoint is that it is rather cheap (in comparison).
So I would suggest: just try it out.

Thanks all - I think I’ll try the Raspberry PI endpoint with a Digione HAT to see if it sounds better. There are lots of other uses for RPIs if not :grinning:


I currently stream using a RPI with a HifiBerry Digi+ Pro into my Naim DAC and it works great with Roon (though I can’t adjust the volume within Roon).

On the RPI I installed Volumio, Roon bridge and even Kodi.

Why Volumio? Because with BubbleUPNP installed on my Synology NAS I can stream Qobuz using Linn Kazoo to it too.

Next week I will get a DigiOne Player which is said to even sound better. Let’s hear.

BTW. You might be interested in reading http://forums.naimaudio.com/topic/cable-suggestion-hifiberry-digi-pro-ndac

Interesting re BubbleUPNP, I used to have that running on the NAS before Naim supported Tidal. Works well.

Got the Digione Player from Allo this week and it sounds great!
Like a high end source, without the high end price tag.
I opted for the DietPi install which made it very simple to setup. It uses SSH but with simple menus instead of having to remember command lines.

I’m not sure if there would be any benefit of using the Digione’s BNC connector over the RCA socket into my Naim UnitiQute2. Any suggestions?