Speaker Upgrade Suggestions


Hi all, I’m hoping you might have suggestions on an upgrade to replace my bookshelf speakers (600 USD budget.)

Below is my current setup:

SS-CS5 Sony 3 way driver stereo bookshelf speakers

SVS SB-1000 subwoofer

Cambridge Audio AXR85 Stereo Receiver (using sub out 200hz)

I’m curious if anyone knows about the following speakers or any other suggestions. I
very much appreciate your help.




Cant go wrong with Qacoustics speakers good value for money and sound great. Look at the 3030i.

For awhile, I used the earlier version of these -

For bass, I used this -

The speakers are powered, so no need to buy an amp. Some people don’t like the sound of horns.

Thanks I’ve never heard of that brand before — will check them out.

Add KEF Q350 to your list.


Thanks, Slim.

UK brand designed in UK built in China. They consistently perform higher than the prices. That said they have two premium models these days and they get equal praise.

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Totem Dreamcatcher.

I agree with Martin Webster about the KEF Q350’s. They are a cracking good pair of speakers for the coin.

I looked into Totem and found a pair of their Rainmakers on eBay (made a successful 525 USD offer). Will let everyone know how they sound. Thanks, all for the recommendations.


By way of update I received the Totem Rainmakers. Happy to report complete satisfaction. They really sing and reveal nuance unheard until now in my favorite tracks. Not unexpected when upgrading to speakers 10x the retail cost of my Sonys. The cherry wood is also beautiful. Thanks everyone for the input.


Glad you like them. I loved my pair so much I traded up for a set of floor standers the Arro speaker (in cherry). Was going to add forest signatures for a different room set up until I auditioned the tribe towers, which I’m listening to now.

Totems image very well. Love them with acoustic music and vocal arrangements. Try the 24 192 version of Sinatra `s In the Wee small Hours.

Thanks will take a listen. Love Sinatra.