Speakers hum when pausing 24 bit / 192 kHz track

Hi, when pausing certain Qobuz-tracks (24bit) at higher volume, I get an audible hum through both speakers. After resuming, humming is gone.
Already tried another media player and amp, but issue remains. When playing same track through Qobuz-app directly, the humming is not present…
Anyone has/had similar issues? Been looking for weeks, but have not found an answer.

Setup: Roon Nucleus+, Arcam AV40, power amp McIntosch and BW 803d3 speakers.

Thanks for your input!

How are the components connected?
When you tried another ‘media player and amp’, which parts of your system above did you substitute (you have two amps)?
Does this just happen with Qobuz? What about local 24bit audio, does that cause the same issue?

Hi Anthony,

Yes, Previously I had an Auralic Vega G1 connected (analogue) to my Denon AVC-X8500H. I recently changed to Arcam AV40 as it is it’s own Roon endpoint. The AV40 is connected with balanced xlr to MC462 (McIntosh amp). The problem appears with every stream above 16 bit/ 48kHz. All those play fine; it’s when I switch to hires streams that the problem occurs. During playback, it is just fine; it’s as soon as I pause the track that the humming starts.