Speakers to match my new NAD C 3050 LE?

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What’s your listening room size?

Pretty big, and open on two sides to other rooms.

I’m thinking Klipsch Forte IV and maybe a JL Audio e-sub 12" subwoofer.

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I’ve hooked the NAD box up to my 25 year old speakers, and it sounds pretty good. But they have a sensitivity of 87db, and really don’t produce enough sound to fill the space. So I’ve spliced in my Hypex NC252MP-based power amp for the moment, until I get some more sensitive speakers. That gives me 250 watts per channel.

The functionality of the NAD C 3050 is everything I’d hoped for, aside from that.


Have you seen the Elipson xls range? The 15’s look like they would suit?

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They look OK, yep.

Zu Audio Dirty Weekend 6, or Union 6.


Dali Oberon 5

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The Oberon 5’s are fairly low sensitivity, like my current speakers. I’d like to find something north of 92 dB there.

As for Zu Audio, I’d probably go for Klipsch Heritage speakers first. Still leaning towards those Forte IV.

I have a pair of Oberon 5s, and have driven them with a Quad VA-One+, which is ~12wpc. they’re extremely easy to drive, ad forgiving to place. I love them.

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I’ve got a large vaulted room with openings on two sides to other rooms, so there’s a lot of space to fill.

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