Speakers to match my new NAD C 3050 LE?

OK, wise crowd. What speakers should I get for my new NAD C 3050 LE stereophonic amplifier?

The natural selection would be the Passif 50, I suppose. Kind of expensive for what you get, though. Other thoughts?

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That’s a good question!

Do you stick with British speakers or go after something like a JBL Classic?

JBL L100 or L82, or Klipsch Forte, The KLH Model 5 is on sale right now.

JBL L82:

Klipsch Forte:

KLH Model 5:

I kind of like those orange grilles on the JBL… Reminds me of the 70’s.

Apparently the Passif 50 have the same walnut veneer…

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Bill, are you handy with Woodworking and competent with a soldering iron ?



Tannoy Arden, chatsworth or Eaton.

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The JBL L100 Classics have pretty good measurements, and come with the orange grilles.

I just bought a pair of the KLH 5’s and I am in love with them…

But PSB is part of the same company as NAD so there’s probably some simpatico with the Passif 50’s.

I’d think either would be great.


Magnepan LRS+

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According to the NAD product manager (on the Darko Podcast) the PSB Passif 50s share the same material so are colour matched with the NAD amp.

Though the KLH model 5 do seem very nice

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Won’t fit in my space, I’m afraid.

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Yep I’m in same decision making process. PSB Passif 50’s will definitely match & look good, but I can’t really find any reviews, so that makes me nervous at 5k AUD, There is something appealing about getting both 50yr anniversary models & you would think same parent company should mean a good match ! Will hopefully get to listen to a pair next week. JBL L100 are about 9k here so out of my budget. Mission 770’s look nice, 7k over budget too. KLH model fives look good, definitely in the mix, similar $ to PSB. Also keen to see & hear some Wharfedale Linton’s, significantly cheaper too.

Update, had a listen to PSB Passif 50, JBL L100 and Wharfdale Linton’s last weekend, Actually preferred the Linton’s, found the Passif’s a little layed back and lacking in detail


Interesting! Thanks, I’ll find some Lintons to listen to.

The listening was done with a Yamaha amp, I’m going to do it again with a NAD C700 on the weekend

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I’ve ordered some Linton’s, about 1/2 the price of the PSB’s and I preferred the sound


I would combine the NAD C3050 LE with these german speakers:

Nubert nuLine 284 Jubilee in special treated surface Cortensteel limited edition

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Oh man, here comes Troels. The A26 has been on my mind for a while. But I keep getting sorely tempted to take something more serious on. I have a good friend with a CNC rig who’s up for making anything that (a) I can get a full cut plan for, and (b) will fit in my car.

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I could probably manage these: