Spec check: QNAP TVS472xt PT 16gb for roon

Hi all, I am a new Roon user. Love it. First tried it out on my Mac as core and I am staying :wink: I am seriously thinking about adding a NAS to my home for all my content. I like the specs of the qnap tvs472xt with a penguin processor. 16gb of ram. Will this be enough to power roon and my small cd collection. I am streaming mostly through tidal. Thanks for the response.

Ho Noud,
If you are not using the NAS for no other operation I would say yes, but you have to disable all the other apps running. I used a QNAP HS453DX-8GB and when it starts indexing or doing other stuff the cpu was at it’s limit. The ram is no the point, it is the cpu power. I switched recently to a N+ and that was a good decision.

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