Special USB drivers needed on ROCK

I am considering a Gryhon Diablo 300 Dac or Chord Dave that requires a special driver for Windows 10. Would a similar driver be needed for Rock

You need to check with the manufacturer if there is a Linux driver. If there is it might have been added to the Linux kernel so it may work on Rock but still might be limited on features dependant on what they released. If not then someone may have created one but same caveats apply. Contacting the DAC manufacturer is the first thing you need to do. The Dave will work on Rock without a driver I believe.

I thought ROCK had its own limited Linux implementation so not sure it is even possible it use a 3rd party driver. I may be completely wrong :joy:

ROCK uses the Linux kernel. It does use any other distribution as a base.

For Linux no driver is needed for the Chord Dave.

Page 10, here

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Is there a “not” missing in your reply, @danny?


That is DoP mode. Not native.

Gryphon only need Windows to support DSD256 and 512 other samplerates is supported with Linux.

This is from Gryphon website on Diablo 300 dac module.

USB input compatible with following audio formats via PC/MAC/Linux: PCM: 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, 352.8 and 384 kHz, up to 32 bits, DSD via USB: DSD64 (2.822MHz), DSD128 (3.072MHz), DSD256* (5.644MHz) and DSD512* (6.144MHz) 256/512 Windows