Specs for new Roon MOCK Core

I am running my Roon Core on an asRock Deskmini 310 with a Pentium G5600 and 16GB of RAM. In my view the Deskminis are wonderful and beat NUCs hands down when it comes to connectivity and thermals. Downside is the larger footprint.
My Library is around 250k Tracks and I am running no more than 3 endpoints at a time. Rarely DSP for headphones is used. Searches take a bit long on this setup at times, so I am considering upgrading my Hardware.
I am thinking to go to a

  • asRock Deskmini B760
  • Intel i3 12100 or 13100
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • PCie 4x4 SSD

Does this look ok, or would I need a more powerful CPU if later I want to be able to do i.e. room correction DSP?

I5 or 7 would be better but look at single core performance for DSP as it only uses max of two if you enable the parallelize sigma delta option. You might be ok if you only have one zone though but you have a large library so a full desktop cpu will also be a better option than laptop models

That number of tracks would demand a 7th or 8th generation i7. Something from the modern era 11th gen up then an i3 with plenty of memory will do the job. Iā€™d go i5 or i7 if you really intend to do DSP.

Thanks, guys.
I looked up the comparisons here:
UserBenchmark: Intel Core i3-12100 vs i5-12600
UserBenchmark: Intel Core i3-12100 vs i7-12700
Interestingly, performance up to 4 cores is quite comparable between i3, i5 and i7. Its multi core activity where the larger CPUs really leave the i3 behind. Looks like an i3 12100 or 13100 would be enough then.
Room Correction DSP is a long shot. I am unlikely to do it at all. I could always upgrade the CPU if I decide to do it after all.
Is 16 GB of memory enough, or should I go for 32 GB?

16GB should be more than enough for ROCK.

Interesting. I toyed with the Idea of getting a Deskmini H470 and an i5 11600 for a minute, as the i5 11600 is about the same price as the i3 12100. Then I looked at the following benchmark
UserBenchmark: Intel Core i3-12100 vs i5-11600
The i3 12100 beats the i5 11600 handily for 1 and 2 core tasks. The i5 is only 1% better in 4 core tasks.
So I will likely go for a Deskmini B760 with i3 12100 and 16GB of ram
Thanks for your help guys

I use a 10700 with 32gb asrock Mobo and have 330k tracks no issues ram is cheap get 32 if you can.

I have now finalized my new build:

  • asrock DeskMini B760
  • Intel i5 13500
  • 2x 16GB RAM
  • 500GB PCie 4 SSD

Works like a charm. Now search is snappy again.

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