Specs on my own NUC/ROCK?

Is there any way to figure out what specs/parts is your Intel Nuc?
Can’t remember what configuration I choose…I build it about 2 years ago and model is NUC7i5DNHE
ROCK page does not show much about your computer.

What exactly do you need to know? Processor? Memory? M.2 storage? Open it up. That will give you memory and storage. Processor is Intel® Core™ i5-7300U Processor

Yes,ss storage,memory stick installed.
I thought there is a way like Windows OS,“about computer”

Not with ROCK I don’t think. With a Nucleus you can make a presumption based on the published spec of your model but with ROCK which is supposed to be DIY the onus is on you to know what is in your box.

I remeber I had to change something in the bios…
Just thinking if there is a guide on how to reset the NUC in order to be able to install Windows OS again?

Usually you can find out the the installed memory and the size of the drives in BIOS.

(If necessary) Backup your Roon database.

Create the Windows (10) installation media to a USB thumb drive:

Change the BIOS to boot from this USB thumb drive.

In case you’re determined to stay at Windows 10, you may consider turning off TPM to prevent upgrade to 11.

You better have 16GB RAM in your NUC to switch from ROCK to Windows.

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You could also boot Ubuntu from a usb stick and check specs without installing the os.

I’d just open it up and check the board for a number. And blown out the dust while you’re in there.